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Nurarihyon no Mago: ch 163 translation

Usual caveat applies.

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(top, star) The enemy is in Osaka Castle!! Broadcast of the TV anime is met with rave reviews!! Details on p. 303!!
(top, smaller star) A quick announcement! The fourth novel, "A Love Story of the Imperial Capital" goes on sale 9/2!!
(left) The executives of the Hyaku Monogatari Clan, Encho and Yanagida, appear before Rikuo!! Just what are they planning...!!
(title) Act 163: Tokyo Tag
(bottom, star) A splendid yokai picture scroll!! The greatly-received Jump Comics' "Nurarihyon no Mago", volumes 1-17 on sale!!


(right panel, star) A dangerous encounter...!!
Tsurara: Rikuo-sama...
Tsurara: Those two...
(bottom, sfx) Smi~le


Encho: One night.
Encho: In one night, your existences
Encho: Will be erased.
Encho: For, in one night, the "Hyaku Monogatari Clan"
Encho: Will take away all of the Nura Clan's fear.


Encho: Kill Nura Rikuo!!
Encho: Otherwise, you will perish!!


Encho: Kill Nura Rikuo
Encho: Kill
Encho: Kill


Rikuo: ...You bastards are the Hyaku Monogatari Clan...?
Rikuo: So all of this was your doing?
Encho: Come.
Encho: Let us begin the game at once.
Rikuo: What!?


(counterclockwise, from right): Mouth. Ears. Arm. Bones. Nose. Brain. Facial skin.
Encho: In the Hyaku Monogatari Clan, we seven executives are called as such.
Encho: Starting now,
Encho: Our creations... the yokai of the Hundred Stories will all be released throughout Tokyo.


Encho: Find the core seven hidden among these hundred before daybreak.
Encho: And, if you defeat all seven, it will be your victory.


Rikuo: Wha...
Rikuo: What are you saying...?
Yanagida: Master~~
Yanagida: It seems they won't be able to understand if you don't explain it to them more simply.
Yanagida: Chuckle... Put simply, I wonder if this time, it's all over for you...
Tsurara: What's with them...
Encho: It's your basic game of tag.
Rikuo: OI...!!


Encho: It's much like a combination of "hide and seek" and "rock, paper, scissors", I suppose.
(top HM label) Hyaku Monogatari Clan
(bottom HM label) Fleeing & Creating
(arrow right) Ayakashi attack people
(top PPL label) Fleeing people
People: Things are like this because of Nura Rikuo
People: Kill him!
People: Kill!
(arrow left) To save themselves, they're after your head
(Nura label) Nura Clan
Kana: Uwa!
Rikuo: We've gotta do something!
(arrow up) Searching for and defeating the seven executives
Encho: We attack the humans... the humans attack you.
Encho: And finally, you chase after us.
(center) TIME LIMIT Daybreak tomorrow AM 7:00

Encho: The rules are "anything goes". You can do whatever you'd like.
Encho: I might as well say that the "stage" is Tokyo... and "time remaining" is 14 hours.
Encho: Come, let us wager our fear and have at it!


Rikuo: Quit fooling around, you bastard.
Rikuo: This isn't a game.
Man: He... he attacked a human!!
Man: It's really... it's really true...
Encho: I think you get it, but...
Encho: In order to save themselves, humans will really come after you with the intent to kill. Chuckle...


Encho: In other words... if you win, we will be destroyed...
Encho: However, if we win... you and your Nura Clan will be burned to nothingness by the hatred of humankind.
Encho: From now on, you will be attacked by a populace of ten million people.
Encho: Humans are really such a dreadful existence.
Encho: So eager to blame their own misfortune on something else.
Encho: Even moreso now than in the past, rumors spread quickly because of their evil nature. If they believe it will save them, they don't mind lies or falsehoods.
Encho: The humans you believe in and live among... this is the sort of creatures they are.


Encho: Oops
Encho: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Encho.
Encho: A storyteller... handing down the hundred stories.
Encho: Three hundred years have passed, and finally the opportunity to launch a counterattack has arrived.
Encho: While you amass hatred, fear will gather around us.
--->(Thank you to the mangahelpers forum for help in translating this line!)
Rikuo: These guys...they're different from the rest...!?


Tsurara: Eh?
Man: Somebody... bring a weapon over here.
Tsurara: Eh? Eh?
Tsurara: Wa...wait...? No way...
Man: This fire extinguisher's fine.
Tsurara: You guys
Tsurara: Aren't serious are you!?
Kana: KYAA!


(right) Come... let us begin
Rikuo: Run for it, you two!
Tsurara: Kyaa...
(left) A game of tag with your life on the line.
Yanagida: Until then.
Tsurara: Uwaa!
Man: Dieee yokai!
Tsurara: W...what's with you! Geez!! Idiots-
Tsurara: What should we do... Rikuo-sama~~
Rikuo: Don't get caught.


Kana: Ah
Man: He jumped!!
Man: He's flying!?
(bottom sfx) Piiiiiiii


(top panel label) Servant used for Rikuo's strolls: Hebi Nyoro
Man: Dammit!! They've got transportation!!
Man: After them!
Kana: Wh...what?
Kana: Just what is going on...!?
Rikuo: Sanbagarasu... are you here!!
Rikuo: Tell this to the Nura Clan executives... everyone, smoke these bastards out!!


Raiden: It's started...
Tamasaburo: Yes...
(left, star) The war "game" begins!!
Raiden: Let's get going, Tamasaburo.
(label right) Sanmoto's bones: Raiden
(label left) Sanmoto's facial skin: Tamasaburo
Raiden: We'll completely... lay waste to Tokyo!


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