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So I've decided to post (new) translations as I go instead of adding them to older posts. Chapter translations are still over at mangahelpers, though! Usual caveat, blah blah, why am I awake it's 12 AM hahahaha... "OTL

Anyway. I think the subject of this post just about sums up the omake this time around. It's from volume 15 and is a 2-page extra found on the inside of the cover(s).

(each panel is left to right for some reason)

Awashima: Yo, Rikuo
Awashima: Turning down performing matoi with me... you've really got some nerve, huh.

Awashima: Hm... well, it's true I've got no idea what would happen if he did matoi with me.
Awashima: With Itaku is a scythe.
Awashima: With Yuki Onna is an ice sword, so--

Awashima: My fear is Perfect Fatherhood and...

Rikuo: Itaku... Yukizou...
Rikuo: Entrust... everything to me...
(I don't know why it says Yukizou, but it does. I guess that's what Awashima calls Yuki Onna?)

With Perfect Motherhood, Nurarihyon's grandson would... be corrupted into a granddaughter.
Awashima: Uoi, oi! What d'ya think, that seems like a real interesting transformation, don't it!? Rikuoooo! Gyahahaha!
Rikuo: W-what the...
Tsurara: Rikuo-sama... I'm getting shivers. Be careful.
(right of Awashima) Gyahaha!
Awashima: It'd be like this, right!? It'd definitely be like this, wouldn't it? OI, why's it got mosaics everywhere! Hang in there, power of my delusions!!!

Awashima: Rikuo... when it comes to transforming, we're two of a kind.
Awashima: Alright, let's matoi!
Rikuo: I'll say it again.
Rikuo: NO.


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Dec. 10th, 2011 02:09 pm (UTC)
just bought that volume and was LOL over the mosaic part :D
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